PSA: Big corporations putting feel good feminist messages in their advertisements wont result in women’s liberation as much as it will result in goading liberal minded folks to buy more shampoo or whatever. There’s no point in fawning over these commercials.


do we need more young queer characters? yes.

do we need more young queer characters that hate themselves and keep wishing they were straight and/or cis? no. we really don’t.

quick reminder !!


if u find out about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity thru tumblr n u know them irl:

1. if they haven’t come out to u, u rlly shouldn’t bring it up

2. if u rlly gotta bring it up (eg to ask about pronouns or something) do so privately and be respectful n a decent human being n all that

3. don’t u dare out them to other people irl, this could seriously endanger them

“There’s no point to a guy yelling, “Hey sexy baby” at me out of the passenger window of a car as it speeds past. Even if I was into creepy misogynists and wanted to give him my number, I couldn’t. The car didn’t even slow down. But that’s okay, because he wasn’t actually hitting on me. The point wasn’t to proposition me or chat me up. The only point was to remind me, and all women, that our bodies are his to stare at, assess, comment on, even touch. “Hey sexy baby” is the first part of a sentence that finishes, “this is your daily message from the patriarchy, reminding you that your body is public property”.”
“Tampons were packed with their strings connecting them, like a strip of sausages, so they wouldn’t float away. Engineers asked Ride, “Is 100 the right number?” She would be in space for a week. “That would not be the right number,” she told them. At every turn, her difference was made clear to her. When it was announced Ride had been named to a space flight mission, her shuttle commander, Bob Crippen, who became a lifelong friend and colleague, introduced her as “undoubtedly the prettiest member of the crew.” At another press event, a reporter asked Ride how she would react to a problem on the shuttle: “Do you weep?””

Astronaut Sally Ride and the Burden of Being “The First” (via yahighway)

Men don’t appreciate the amount of self-control women have to exercise in order not to spend their entire lives facepalming.

(via vulvanity)

“A study on masculinity and aggression from the University of South Florida found that innocuous – yet feminine – tasks could produce profound anxiety in men. As part of the study, a group of men were asked to perform a stereotypically feminine act – braiding hair in this case - while a control group braided rope. Following the act, the men were given the option to either solve a puzzle or punch a heavy bag. Not surprisingly, the men who performed the task that threatened their masculinity were far more likely to punch the bag; again, violence serving as a way to reestablish their masculine identity. A follow-up had both groups punch the bag after braiding either hair or rope; the men who braided the hair punched the bag much harder. A third experiment, all the participants braided hair, but were split into two groups: those who got to punch the bag afterwards and those who didn’t. The men who were prevented from punching the bag started to show acute signs of anxiety and distress from not being able to reconfirm their masculinity.”

Doctor Nerdlove, "When Masculinity Fails Men" (via jaimelannister)


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  • identifying as aro doesn’t mean you can never have relationships or close emotional bonds with anyone
  • queerplatonic relationships do exist
  • no you don’t have to be in committed qp relationships in order to have valuable bonds in your social circles
  • bc Committed Relationships are not a prerequisite for you to live a wholesome satisfying life
  • no actions are going to be off-limits if you identify as aro
  • you can still hold hands, cuddle, kiss, makeout, go on dates, have sex, live with someone, marry, pmuch anything you’re comf with
  • bc nothing is inherently romantic — only the individual can decide whether you personally consider X or Y behavior/feeling to be romantic or not
  • yes u can still watch and enjoy romcoms if ur into that (i won’t tell)
  • non-romantic/platonic feelings are not inferior to romantic ones
  • being aro doesn’t mean you can’t ever do anything sappy or cliche or cute or w/e
  • bc “Hollywood Romance” is also nothing more than a set of actions that society just kind of. labeled auto-romantic even though there’s nothing inherently romantic about giving ppl flowers or chocolate or going to the movies or w/e
  • yes sexual/sensual intimacy can still be incredibly meaningful and significant even without mutual romantic feelings being a factor
  • however keep in mind that not all of your sexual/sensual encounters have to have some kind of Greater Emotional Meaning either. do what makes you happy and content, my friend. maintain your emotional comfort zones. enforce your boundaries. stay safe
  • remember that asexuality and aromanticism are not mutually inclusive! if you are considering that you might be aro, your sexual/sensual habits don’t rly factor into the equation. there are aro allos and allo aces, aro demis and demi aces. i might be aro ace, but it doesn’t mean that u have to be
  • (which, while we’re here, don’t tag posts that are exclusively about aromanticism as #asexuality and vice versa. i feel like this enforces the idea that they’re always found hand-in-hand and it’s not true.)
  • not all aros are emotionally reserved or difficult to approach. however, some of us are, and that is OKAY. the point is that there are aros of all different kinds of personalities and that you shouldn’t adhere to a stereotype
  • if you still don’t feel comfortable self-labeling as aromantic remember that there are other points on the romantic spectrum


heteronormativity is so weird like yesterday I was at my aunts beach house and some of her in-laws brought over this small baby. and the baby puts it’s hand on it’s brow to keep the sun out of it’s eyes and his father says “look at that! Leon is looking for girls!” Leon is eight months old I don’t think he knows what a girl is yet

today in things that should be super obvious:



that “sjw” might be a troll if…

-they’re using the default tumblr theme

-they use every known sj tag under the sun

-a lot of those tags aren’t even related to the post

-they ID as an “amoeba-kin,” or some other -kin that isn’t otherkin

-(although a lot of trolls ID as otherkin, so…there’s that)

-they claim to support ideas/movements that directly contradict each other (“i’m a gender-experimental trans-critical radical feminist!”)

-they only follow a handful of well-known feminist blogs

-the blogs they follow would never ever get along (e.g. misandry-mermaid and transgender-harms-women)

-they end every sentence with multiple exclamation points!! to show how angry they are!!!

-their language is dated, rarely used in sj circles, and/or hyperbolic (“check your privilege,” “shitlord!!!” “DIE, CISHET WHITE SCUM”)

-their posts read like upvoted comments on tumblrinaction

this just got relevant again.