mrplinkett sent: Queen Laverne will most likely not win just because the common person is a fool and will probably vote for like Seth Mcfarlane for a noble peace prize.


Anonymous sent: so you want an actress who has appeared in 9 episodes of one famous NETFLIX television show (which not everyone is able to watch) for the simple fact that she is trans? im not even a benedict cumberbatch fan but he has his own television show, and has appeared in numerous, award winning films. so yes, he does deserve that spot over her


TIME 100 is about people who are influential in their industry not people who have appeared in the most films

Laverne is a TWoC making an impact in a world against people like her. She is an amazing person and one of my absolute biggest inspirations.

Benedict Cumberbatch is just some alien looking motherfucker who plays Sherlock. Who gives a fuck

not to mention that isn’t even all laverne does??? she tours around college campuses and gives speeches about trans rights (trans woc, specifically), and she attends so many other events and is currently working on a documentary about cece mcdonald, and actively fights for trans women in general. like oh my god just check her twitter she is always doing something i swear 

but no u just think its because she was on a tv show…. like ooooooookay. (even then, she’s a trans woman of color PLAYING A TRANS WOMAN OF COLOR so that’s pretty awesome) 

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jehanstiel sent: (me again)(sorry) the link to your tags page is broken and i'd like to follow you i just kinda need to know if you tag for spiders (or arachnophobia) and for bugs? also nsfw (really just for pictures)? and periods/menstruation? sorry for all that but i cant stand spiders, and sometimes pictures of nakedness or talk about periods can make me feel dysphoric n shitty so uh yeah. if it's too much hassle? really dont worry if you cant like i know some people hate tagging on mobile so uh yeah thanks?

i dont ever reblog spiders but i do tag #menstruation and nsfw and all that so no need to worry ^^ 

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why i view a character as queer:  i connected one of their habits to something i used to do to cover up being queer. their interactions with a same-gender character remind me of romantic tropes. they’re a childhood hero and i’ve collected every possible trait that might be an indication of queerness over seven years of time to form a complete extensive collection of these traits so they can be like me. I took the queerbaiting in one of the episodes involving them seriously because it’s the closest i’m going to get. They have a way of dealing with issues that’s similar to how i dealt with issues when i was repressing queer feelings. Their powers/narrative is a direct parallel to the standard queer narrative and may even be considered an intentional metaphor for it but i don’t want fucking metaphors i want actual representation so i’ll make this shit both, don’t go stealing my shit. Thousands upon thousands of reasons. 

why straight people apparently think i view a character as queer: to push the “Gay agenda” 

#also bc i can 




this is a goddamn national travesty

FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if you like Benedict Cumberbatch or not, but I need EVERYONE READING THIS to click on this link, scroll down to laverne cox (or just ctrl+f her name) and click YES on her voting!!!!! it’ll make you sign in with either facebook or twitter, but it is instant one-click signing in, and they don’t post anything on your profile. it’s just for verification purposes so 4chan doesn’t fix the voting again like they did a few years ago.

DO IT!!!!!

Don’t make an excuse. It’ll take like thirty seconds. Just do it.

also take the time to vote no for jared leto and rupaul


tw: sexual assault please reblog the fuck out of this 


um so lemme get this straight…tiana starts her own business in a time where black women had next to no rights….mulan pretty much saves china and becomes a top ranking military official….but the annoying sister in frozen makes a throwaway line about being gassy and gets lauded as the the first feminist princess??

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Anonymous sent: do you realize how sexist the end of your post about the asterisk is? "not to be added to if you aren't a dmab trans person" you're basically saying "if you have a vagina, you cannot have an opinion," which is what cis men have been doing for centuries.





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